What is happiness ?

Dear Happiness

How I will find you? 

Where are you? 

Sometime I though that it what I want 

When I have it to myself 

It don't make me happy at all 


Then I ask myself again 

What is happiness

Where are you 

Sometime you give something to someone 

Then what you are get back 



When your guy broken up 

Do you want what you give to them back 

Of cough


But , Why and other think that was not work 

To take what you give it back 

When you get what you given to other

This is make me happy at first


But to rethink I am a fail

I'm fail myself  

I'm fail you 

I'm fail you 

I'm every piece that I been given that 

To tell me what is happiness 


I thought that I know what is happiness 

But to think again 

I know nothing about Happiness 

Because everyone's happiness are different 

Fro each other 


But I will never find mine 

Because what I have now it not what 

I want 



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