What is Flawless?

News styles flood our stores and closets every day, but what you wear won't hide your dismay. 

You dye our hair, paint your face, and try to act like someone you are not,

just so you can make fake friends and hope that everyone thinks you look hot.

But whats even worse is that you may have societies approval,

even though you're starving and boys are treating you like a tool.

You go home and wipe of your make up to see wants beneath,

that's when you finally realize that what's beautiful is not what you brush on your cheeks.

You're flawless face and flawless hair show beauty that no one can compare.

You go to school to strut your new self, and you make more friends than anyone else.

Your happy, not hungry, and everyone now sees,

that what is flawless is not your jeans.

It's not your designer brands, your shiney curls, or MAC lipstick,

it's the things that make you,you. That's enough to make them stick.

Now you can be yourself and not worry about everyone else,

because whats flawless is you, from the inside and out.


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