What Does That Mean?

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 01:29 -- SCuevas

Because I Love You

I protected you from bullies since we were little.

"Crybaby" "Loser" "Whiny" "Weak"

They called you all this and more, but I stopped it

Because I Love You.

Classes separated and we drift,

but when asked who my best friend is, I always say you

Because I love you

Middle school comes and we unite

Your smile has faded and that wasn't right

So fight of your bullies to bring it back, 

and no matter the scenario, I have your back

Grades, family, bullies, your mother

I would take on all of them if it meant you didn't suffer.

I let you have control of my decisions 

because you know best, and Because You Love me.

High school comes, and we're close as can be.

Closer than sisters, and that was alright with me.

11 years have gone without a fight. 

We know everything about each other so there was no point, am I right?

Buy you things at cons, change my plans,

I would do anything to meet your demands.

I did so much for you,

more than you will ever know, 

and I do it all Because I Love You.

In saunters my ex, a close friend as well,

and suddenly you and I aren't doing so swell.

You were always so sweet, 

so nurturing and caring.

You'd do the loving, and I'd do the fighting.

But in steps this boy,

who we've both known for years, 

and suddenly everything is becoming so clear. 

11 years I protected you so,

I helped toughen your shell so you were ready to go,

and I did it all Because I Loved You so.

But all of that changed at one faithful Con,

when I turned around for a second, and suddenly you were gone.

I started to panic and asked a guard for some help.

I was so worried, you were my responsibility.

Well, we finally find you, and I was relieved

so I just want to know

Why were you screaming at me?

I wasn't trying to get in your way,

I wasn't trying to ruin your fun. 

I just turned around for a second, and suddenly you were gone.

I brush it off, as I always do,

because you know best, and I Love You.

Get back to school, and I'm sure all is well.

So why are all our friends suddenly ignoring me?

What did I do? 

I don't think I did anything wrong?

But D is furious, and to the rest 

I'm worse than scum.

M it hurts.

I don't know what's happening anymore.

I just feared for your safety, 

and now I'm crying on the floor.

M why is everyone mad at me?

I just aimed to protect you,

and now they all hate me.

M, all I ever wanted was for you to be happy,

I gave up everything, 

and you just leave rot.

"It must be my fault," is what I thought.

I did everything for you.

"I smothered her."


"I'm such a freak."

"M don't leave me."


"Everyone please come back!"


"I don't want to be alone!"

Because I love you, I put up with all of that

11 long years to be stabbed in the back.

"Because I Love You"

What Does That  Mean?

I don't know.

Can you tell me?

"Because I Love You"

I thought I knew it, 

but in the end,

I totally blew it.

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