What is a Christian?

We call ourselves Christians

But what does that even mean?

We’re called His sons and daughters

But we act like enemies 

We scrutinize, manipulize, and criticize 

We love what is bad and hate what is good

Would we act differently if we were the ones that hung on that wood?

We represent His name

And instead we bring it shame

We categorize, terrorize, and idolize 

When instead we should glorify, dignify, and gratify the one who gave it all

So again I ask…

What is a Christian?

It is someone who is willing to give it all because He gave it all

They will sacrifice, sympathize, and harmonize

They will comfort the brokenhearted

And welcome the disregarded… 

They will not sit idly by while they watch someone falsely prophesy

They will…

This isn’t a religion

It’s not someones opinion

It’s not just some correlation 

It’s a relation…

So now I ask…

What are you?

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