What is autism

What is autism

Is it simply choosing not to talk

Is it just a spoiled child


It's not a disease


 it's a spectrum disorder

Everything has to be a set way

I overthink the simplest things

Every little sound seems so much louder to me

My poor skin once smooth and pretty

Now riddled with scars and scratches

A daily reminder i'm not normal

I hate how awkward i am

It really suck at times

I want to walk without thinking about it

I want to be done with bad memories not forced to relive them

I want to go about my day without a meltdown

Having a meltdown because of a slight schedule change

Having a meltdown because i became overwhelmed easily

Having a  meltdown because i think i did something wrong

Sometimes i wish it was a joke but it's not

It's real and it can be quite a struggle

There is no cure it s a part of me

It's  my  autism spectrum disorder


This poem is about: 
My community


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