What Are Feelings?

Thu, 12/19/2013 - 12:37 -- snickie

My feelings are something I’ve yet to learn:
Illusion had I that I did not need
To feel, think often, was in my own creed,
Though to a person made me seem quite stern.
The day we talked my affections to earn
Your goal to clarify but not mislead
And to a better friendship we agreed.
Yet still for you do my emotions yearn
Myself since then I cannot recognize:
Insanity inflicted by replay,
Impossible it is to concentrate.
Somehow I need to cause you to realize
Without you complete cannot be my day,
Yet “like” I can’t seem to administrate.



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I wrote this after a confusing exchange between me and a guy who I liked but didn't know at the time.  I kind of went crazy, but everything's okay now.

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