What About Tomorrow?

Sun, 09/25/2016 - 17:49 -- toxford

On Monday, she’s weary, teary, and unsure. She is sure that she’ll be able to fake a smile, but unsure if her friends and family will know it’s fake.

On Tuesday, she’s dressed, blessed, yet an antisocial-suicidal mess. Who is to ask her: “Are you alright? “Will you wake up in the morning with a dry face?” “Can I help you through your rough days?” Although, I’m pretty sure she’ll have the guts to say “Stop. I’m fine…. Please, just go away.”

On Wednesday, she seems to be fine! The boy she likes talked to her twice. But by the time she’s reached ten o'clock at night, she has thrown her phone across the room and clenched her fists tight. For the boy that she has began to like has tempted her to send pictures. By now, they are uploaded on his open website. She is in danger. She is oh, so afraid. What will people think of her now? I can assure you, it won’t be the same.


On Thursday, she tried to fool her mom into being “sick.” She’s a stubborn mother, knew it wasn’t legitimate. By the end of her second hour, she felt as if she was being devoured. Brought into darkness with no form of a way to get out. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, shame. You name it, she’s facing it.

On Friday, she was walking home, as she passed her neighbor’s fence. She came across a group of girls, knowing she had no help other than self-defense. Bruised, scraped, and laying in the dirt. All over the jealousy of a boy.

On Saturday, she sits alone in a restaurant booth. Black, blue, and has a chipped tooth. Her broken heart and deep pain puts her in a bad mood. She realizes no one is at home, and slides out of the booth. Her feet hit the floor, then she slips out the door.

On Sunday, just a quarter past four, Heaven opened its gates. For a young girl, gave herself to the Lord.

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