What About Me?

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 12:57 -- liah22


Chicago, Illinois
7144 S. Yates Blvd
United States
41° 45' 53.6292" N, 87° 34' 0.5556" W

      What grinds my gears and brings out my fears in life , or no not fears but my anger, to witness the danger amongst  my city, who's next who's coming with me, what about our youth we're dying because the police, they don't care which black child is next, more so about that check they receive top bury us, take our dream, put us down in the dirt, discourage us. Tell us were worthless just because they're afraid of competing with future doctors and lawyers and "niggas" that can b ag they daughters. See they don't care about us, they hate to see my youth strive because were the minority, they base us off statistics it makes me want to go ballistic, because us blacks, us "niggas", lawyers, doctors, and future father figures, were somebody, were a voice, we fight to live and make it because the next day POW!!!!!!  they took our life because we weren't "valuable" enough to enjoy life and face it. #speakyourmindslam  us off, they , they 't 't ....        


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