We're Not All The Same


To the educators of my school.

No student is the same.

We all agree knowledge is an useful tool.

That's the whole reason I got out of bed and came.


You need to understand homework is not always the key.

Some students can grasp concepts faster.

If classes were based on tests I would not have a C.

All the busy work turns my nights after practice into a disaster.


I can get 100 % on a test in your class.

But because i did not do all the homework you gave out

you said you don't think I deserved to pass

Instead of reaching a compromise you just become stubborn and begin to shout.


In a class I could display I fully understood

you gave me a poor grade.

That makes about as much sense as diving in quicksand.

All because the idea of someone being successful in an untraditional way, makes you afraid.



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