Welcome to the 21st Century


A memory drifts about in my mind.

Me. A girl of twelve, sitting in the church pews,

listening to the pastor with a mix of boredom and confusion.


The religion he preached of conflicted with my knowledge of science.

The god he spoke of did not sound loving.

The god he spoke of was fallible.

How hateful he was.

How unforgiving.

How petty


Bible stories told with such vigor far too fantastical for me to believe

But I could see the blind devotion of the others.

Devotion to a book of flimsy promises following the pastor’s every word,

Glazed eyes, parroting back their “amens” and “hallelujahs”

How easy humanity is led with the leverage of moral absolution


They were puppets, pulled around by strings tied to a hypocritical book of tall tales

How foolish.

How disgusting.

How weak.

The power of religion is awesome; turning humans into sheep.


Behold, the secular revolution.


Science has given credence to a previously unknown universe,

constantly at odds with the blind devotion of the sheep.


Behold, the secular revolution.


Giving name to poisons, toxins, disease, and famine.

We move ever toward the age of obsolete religion,

with gods, a passing fancy

an irrational mistake of a now rational social consciousness.


We are the age of science and absolutisms.

We are the age of rational thought and technology

We are the age of truth and knowledge.


Bow down to theory and observation.

Dismiss the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost.

Worship the new god.


Welcome to the 21st century


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