The Weight of the World




The world is filled with upset teens

Burdened with the pressure of perfection.

Always striving to be lean,

Constantly afraid of rejection.


Everyday she fights a war against the mirror

Wanting clothes, jewelry, make up galore.

The idea of what she needs to look like couldn’t be any clearer,

Always yearning for so much more.


Tears leave her makeup smudged

Society’s idea of perfection makes her stressed.

Constantly afraid of being judged;

Left sad, alone, and depressed.


Days and nights are rough.

Her confidence seems to be lacking

Always questioning if she is enough.

The pressure finally has her cracking.


Tears shed,

Images of pretty girls hurled.

Sitting there wondering if she’d be better off dead

Was she finally crushed by the weight of the world? 


She decided she needed to change

Stand out and let go.

Her confidence no longer ranged

And the mirror was no longer a foe.


Her true colors were shining brighter than ever

She no longer cares what other people think.

Did she ever think she'd let people in? never.

Now her true self and her behind the curtain self have no link.


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