Wearily Listening

Tasting the music.

At first, not knowing

What your ears enjoy.

The sounds of the beats

Passing through your mind,

Clouding your head

Day in and day out.

Soon enough you are

Becoming what you listen to.


My muse.

Hearing a favorite singer

Is like hearing your mother's

Voice after coming home

From a day at Grandma's house.

A favored singer is someone

Who is looked up to

By their number one fan.

(Which would be you!)


Meaning the world.

Your favorite song

Gets you through

All of your highs

And all of your lows.

The depths of your heart

Are filled with the lyrics

Of the song so

They can uplift you.


Recreating memories.

Music is becoming more

And more real to you.

Sometimes helping to cope

With the good and bad times.

Helping you to remember

The things you forgot.

Forgetting also becomes easier

With the help of music.


Projecting my life.

Performing in front

Of all the people.

Helping share the joy

And wonderful sounds

Of the beautiful music.

Giving your soul

The chance to fly,

A chance to soar.


All the time.

Whenever I feel like it.

Listening to my music

Or performing my songs

Has become a

Way of breathing.

Never giving up.

Even when making

A simple mistake.


You're majesty.

Majesty meaning highly

Looked upon.

Music has become

A very highly admired

Thing in my life.

Wanting to give

Back to people

Through something loved.


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