Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam 2015

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So. You ask me if Everything is Awesome.   And it is. Why is everything more than satisfactory?
The mind- the reincarnate queen,my pens- the worker bees,oozes waxen flakes of inspiration,both devilish and angelical.The ink creates a homein a soon-to-be-discovered honeycomb
LIFE You are sad, you are mad You are happy, listening to what others got to say
Tasting the music. At first, not knowing What your ears enjoy. The sounds of the beats Passing through your mind, Clouding your head Day in and day out. Soon enough you are
I saw the sounds, I heard the light. I never thought; I'd shine so bright.
I smell a small, sweet,  rose. it's petals are dry. Her stem is hard. . But her core is gold.
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