Weak She Is Not

The walls were built high

High as a skyscraper

She told herself to be careful

To never get burned again

She looks to her left and she looks to her right

Who can she really trust?

When nothing is going right

But all seems to be going wrong

Looking for a way up

But she can barely claw her way out

The walls were built high

She was done wrong

Wrong for the words that were said

So strong they shattered and cracked her

Wrong for the men who abused her

Ripping her apart

Wrong for the mother who she wish she had

A mom that only wants to act like a mother when it’s convenient

The walls were built high

Maybe they can be chipped a little at a time

Letting someone in to heal her soul

And telling herself though she be but little she is fierce

Trying to imprint those positive words

Trying to believe them

Because weak she is not

She is strong and fierce

Resilient and a survivor

Though her heart was broken

It can be repaired

This is not the end of her story

She has many more years

Stories to tell

Victims/Survivors to help

Because her voice matters

This is not the end of her story

And her walls will come crumbling down

Because her true self deserves to be seen and heard

This is my story

And it’s not over

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