We Humans

We humans, we stand united.

We humans, we stand so strong.

But some rights we are denied and

We're told we do not belong.


The boys, they take us slow dancing.

The girls, they hold our hearts.

We all fall in love while asking

If we'll ever fall apart.


But some people only use us,

Some people- girl or boy.

Because they wanted us for lust,

Because they wanted a toy.


Once the last song plays,

Once they can get us alone-

Once they pamper us with praise,

For a reason not unknown.


They think only we're meant for

The room with the dark lights.

We shake as they close the door,

As they strip us from our rights.


We try to deny the action,
But these people- they still act.

They say it's because of attraction-

They tell us not to fight back.


We're equal the moment that we speak,

We're equal after the last song.

We're equal even after a bad week,

We're equal even with our clothes on.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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