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Mother grabs me, leaving bruises on my skin. My veins release blood deep from within. Like times before, I know that she'll win. My dear mother has grown sick with sin.  
Closing in From every corner All the fire touches Is consumed.   For if we cannot trust The Flame Then whom?  
We fill our lungs with oxygen we force feed ourselves telling ourselves it's the lack of knowledge that creates such a brutal field to this world
  You might know me as an athlete  Because you never see me tired You might see me as a smart person  But I know what my mind desire Thinking you know me  Alicia Keys, “This Girl Is On Fire”
Just write, I say Images of you clutter my mind. Images of us, writing together. In that time and space, I felt free. And then, I pushed you away. Away from everything I loved.
A woman   A beauty in an embroidered frame The master of embassy, its creator That mirror beckons her name, playfully
Poetry is its own person It doesn't fit into the "norms" of writing It's flexible, bendable, shapeable It's ready to mold itself into what it wants to be  
Poetry is my teacher She knows me inside out   Poetry bore my soul She tore my heart right out   Poetry scoffs bitterly For I am such a fool   She shakes her haughty head
Your lies penetrate my mind like a bullet hitting its target and I'm sorry I got you defensive I know my questions seem pretty intensive but its the smirk across your face that keeps me from progressing, I never knew what made you aggressi
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