We Are Mike Brown

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 01:37 -- AndreB

Am I a black male?

do you judge me by my skin?

or am I a male who is black?

do you acknowledge my dark skin?

Ignorance will tell you alot about me

I am from the hood

always up to no good

just another coon wishing a n** would

would talk to me for once

Inside we are in fear

Seeing another me get shot

makes my mind unclear

Anger fills my mind

White men are trying to keep us down

along with minds all around

Black kid walking down the street

cop pulls up just to give him a peak

cop says "Mike Brown stop where you are"

Kid says "sorry thats not my name"

cop replied "all you n** are just the same"

IGNORACE is the greatest problem we face

failing to understand there is only one race

Lessons to youth learned by their elders

stereotype me: My life is at stake

I hope I dont see a policeman today


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