We Are Angels

We are the Angels of this world.

Just take my hand and we’ll watch it all unfurl.

We don’t have wings, but we have our words.

That’s enough to do anything, and that is inferred.

Let’s just sit here and watch them fly.

Our words will go the distance into the sky.

I wish I had wings more and more.

If I did, I would soar.

Up the mountains, And over the ocean.

Just to see you, alive and in motion.

Nothing will stop you, me, or I.

Let’s get our wings together, Together we’ll fly.

Am I here, in your light in your beam?

The way you speak, I thought I’d only see in a dream.

We are angels and we are real.

We are too kind, that is no big deal.

We can save them from harm.

Let’s get our wings, and sound the alarm.

The world has been taken!

We are their angels, that’s not mistaken.



okay.. angels.

"we are their angels, that's not a mistake" I love that line it's so true

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