We Are All Chickens

Dear All,

let me go onto

explain society’s

lust for the imperfect

outlook of perfectionism

in our educational systems today. 


This is a projected scenario

for my senior year in 2014


My A's, B's, C's

that one D I made my freshman year (but made it up on FLVS)

become an achievement

turned to sorrowful disappointment

when the regional rejection letters

from college flood the mail,

that application that I poured my heart into,

my soul into,

came back to me, with the lines

“We are sorry to inform you...”  

And in an instant, my application was worthless,

pointless, insignificant

reduced as faulty incident

because I could not be accepted

by the body of fortunate undergraduates

that I yearned to be a part of.


Maybe it's because I didn't work hard enough,

I didn't drag my bones across the land mines that

are known as the Sat's and the warefare known as

quarterly grades, I didn't slave hard enough to get

into college.

And of the biggest fears of mine,

is that I did become a slave serving

the establishment, it’s whip

of application fees, Sat’s, graduation requirements

and those dastardly senior fees

crack my back, like whenever  

my semester grades are filed in,

I am reminded that they reflected my

performance and not necessarily my


And then I realize it.


We’re all chickens,

being plucked by the statistics of

the pool of acceptances

of State Universities, City Colleges,

and the royal Ivy Leagues

Columbia, Cornell,

Princeton, Upenn,

Brown, Darthmouth

Yale and Harvard

Because everywhere I look around

Someone is getting shot down,

By their dream school.


It's like Capital Steez once said

It's like we're just content with losing

and half of our students are falling

victim to the institution.



Your 4.0 GPA

And extra credentials

Just aren't enough,

to enter the highly prestigious

overtly prominent, glorified

and excessively expensive

university you want to go to.

And when others chose community

college, people want to shun them,

“Oh he goes to FSCJ, what a slacker”

but hold on, they have convenient tuition,

but people forget about those who also

have ambition, and a mission, and they won't end up with

expensive student loans that increase with addition

200,000 thousand dollars in debt, I'm talking to you



But that applies for me too,

because oh snap, my GPA is crap

it isn’t getting me close

to anywhere,

it’s higher education

or bust,

and my head sits as a bust

in the museum of future rejections

that come in the year



So let's not forget

The valedictorians of the classes

will laugh when the herald historians

of our past claim that there was no child

left behind, but

UNF, UCF, USF, FSU and Gustavus might as well

just send me my rejections already because,

this is America,

land of the free,

but oh, college, simply,





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