Wed, 01/01/2014 - 15:09 -- naomi_w

Does nobody care?

Can nobody hear

The calls of the dying and hungry,

Poor and restless with fear?


How can we be content with our actions,

Yet achieve no satisfaction

For our souls?


The Plan of the Man

Has not been fulfilled unless

We show and do what we can.


We cannot let them be afraid.

 We cannot sit idly by,

And allow them to suffer


The poverty perspective

Can often be misconceptive

Because no one chooses to be separated apart,

Yet they still find a shimmer of happiness

In their heart.


They need help,

But who can help them?




We must lend that helping hand.

We must show them all

We’re doing what we can.


The people we help live and breathe together,

Containing the spirit with love forever.

They know the one thing they need to survive

 Are people like us who have come alive.


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