The Way I Lie

I don't want to see you again

and I don't miss you

I don't want to feel your skin

as it graces my own skin

I don't want to kiss your lips

during a foreign sunset in some foreign place

I don't want to marry you

on my great grandparents' farm

just like my parents did

I don't want to grow old with you

have children with you and watch them grow up

I don't want to sit on a porch swing with you

and atch the sun come up and go down

spend the day napping with you

and making pies and cakes and sharing them

And above all, I never want to lay down

for my last night of sleep next to you

because you are the only one I would want

to let my heart stop next to

and the only one I can trust to cry for me when I go still

No, I don't want any of this at all.

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