Waves of Black


Waves of midnight blue tickle the feet of a loner lamenting the loss of a mother.

Onyx outlines her body as she stares into the abyss of gloom around her.

The inky wind whispers solemn condolences into her ears.

As dull as it has ever been, the moon fights to combat the ebony of the night, but as if by some greater force, the darkness devours the moon.

Jet-black thoughts stream into her mind of regretful decisions that have ceased to haunt her until this moment.

She closes her eyes, nothing changes, and the black in her mind is just as dark as the sable that surrounds her.

A sooty figure approaches the lone girl; his scrawny fingers reach out for her shoulder, stabilizing him enough that he may sit in the slate-like sand next to her.

His touch triggers her to fall into his discolored shirt, for she is alone no longer.

He lifts her head, moving the obsidian colored hair from her ashen eyes, and consoles her with his words of bleak wisdom.

Conquering the darkness, a father and daughter must strike at the charcoal-coated world that surrounds them; together. 


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