War within myself,
War surrounds me.

Inside I'm freedom,
but self-made bonds are magnetizing me.
I am craving.
I am Parched.
Do you feel something missing?
Are you falling apart?

War within my head,
Screaming and kicking as I catapult  from my bed.

Inside I'm opinions,
but my tongue is paralyzed behind my teeth.
I am fantasy.
I seek.
Do you have words to speak or are 
you scared of what may be?

War within my skin,
as I am raging at this hostage I've stored myself in.

Inside I'm tears,
but my tears are bullets shooting
down my face.
I'm strong.
I'm weak.
You ask me if I need anything,
and gunfire streams down my cheeks.

War in my train of thought,
I was just getting better 
but the train took off.

Outside I'm happy.
But sometimes inside it isn't so.
I'm angry.
I'm uneasy.
Have you ever fallen
and landed so low?

War that I'm limping away from.
I know I'm better than this.

Inside I know that there is a chance to recover,
But sometimes I just crash down.
I'm strong.
I'll stand.
Will you hold my hand?
Because you've been through pain 
too, so you understand.

This war I will win,
as I break this hostage, 
and see the light again.

Inside I'm happy,
and I know that it'll be okay.
I'm smilng.
I'm standing.
This is a message that I want to 
spread one day. 

I know war.
I know what it feels like
to feel like you're losing.

Inside you feel at fault, 
But this isn't your choosing.
You're crying.
You can't sleep.
But this feeling doesn't stay,
and it isn't something you have to keep.

For the ones out there,
Who know war.
Know that you are never alone.

Inside you'll get better,
and on the outside you'll become healthy.
Don't give up.
Don't give in.
You're better than this.
This is a war you can win.

1-800-273-825 (National Suicide Hotline)


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