I live in a time

Where people have many walls.

I also live in a time

Where people desire to overcome these walls

In any way possible.

They have walls of anger and spite

Inside their body and mind.

To overcome these walls

They create new ones.

They degrade others.

These people who are degraded

Begin to build their own walls.

These victims don’t know why

People are insulting them.

They just know that it won’t stop.

The walls of self-hatred and insecurity

Turn from mud into solid titanium.These walls begin to close in.

The pain is too much.

The wall of hurt and misery becomes unsurpassable.

They don’t see a ray of hope

Through any of the walls.

They think that they only have one option left,

To escape their walls.


So, I live in a time

Where people’s only way out of their walls

Is to create unsurpassable ones for others. 


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