Wake up Call/Reminders

I can't turn it off, that goddamn alarm

continuously sounding as I lay here

Each "beep" saying your name

Pounding in the realization

That you won't be there

to hold me,

to fix me,

to make feel whole again

Not anymore

And you are no longer around t push that

stupid little button

to make the noise go away

Day after day,

That alarm tells me that it knows

our story

our memories

Everything we built in that tiny infinity

It tells me I'm lying

I tell it, "No, This is what I wanted."

Or maybe it was, "this is what I deserve."

I know I'll learn to live with it:

The routine sounding of the alarm clock

Always there to remind me

Should I bring myself to push that button?

Can I do it myself?

Or should I let you stop the noise once again,

Day after day

I don't think that would be fair

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