Wake Up


You wake up everyday day, but your day starts backwards. It's not you who wakes up, it's your body that does while the Monster behind your eyes just lays there asleep. You get dressed, eat if you want to, and go about your day because that's what your muscles remember to do. You don't think about anything you do, you just do. The reality of the entire thing is that you're terrified of the monster behind your eyes. You put on a show for everyone to see, so that they don't ask why, but why is the question that you don't even know the answer to.


Why bother, why listen, why live.


You ask all of these questions to yourself, but at the same time you don't care to know the reason. You don't care that you're putting yourself through hell, but not caring is all you know. When the screenplay called life ends for the day. That's when the monster behind your eyes wakes up. It devours everything that makes you you, and drinks at the thoughts that made living more bearable. An empty pond that once carried your feelings is not nothing but a miniscule puddle, but it's not like you cared enough to do something about it. You close your eyes and your body sleeps once more, wakes up, and decides to fight against the monster that was once behind your eyes. Upon its departure, the creature left a trail of worthlessness and despair while making sure to take everything. You realize that the fight that wasn't happening, was possibly the only thing that could have saved you. You look in the mirror and start tearing yourself down until there's nothing left of you. That's when the monster behind your eyes reveals itself to you. They look just like you, act like you, and even think like you. The truth is the monster behind your eyes, was just your mind trying to live and escape the hell that was created. The real monster was yourself, who then decides it's time to make the last move, and cancel the screenplay called life. All this turmoil that you've endured, and the eternal night that you seem to be trapped in comes to a close. At least that's what you thought. The darkness you were engulfed in starts to shatter, and that's when you see them. Some complete stranger poking and prodding at your mind with desperation. Like they wanted you out of that darkness and would risk their own light to get you out of that darkness. All you do is sit there wondering.


Why? Why risk it for someone that you don't know, why help someone that doesn't want to be helped, or even deserve it.


You turn to this stranger and see they have the same monster within them. The same unanswered question is asked again but by both of you.


Why. Why put yourself through this alone.

You both come to the realization that sometimes alone isn't what you need. Together you both discovered a creature that was everything but a simple monster to you, it was creature named hope. With that hope you remember your dreams, the goals you had for life, and eventually yourselves.

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