waiting for superman


United States
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a child in a classroom with conditions more broken than a record
floors cracked like someone sucking some serious crackpipes
windows shattered like a person with aspirations, but never lived up to the hype
chairs so old that even a child would state that this is not one's type
blackboard so old that an old man will shed tears trying to outlive it
books so dusty that mr.clean would retire
closets so bent out of shape that a person with no shape will be proud
child is so sick and tire that finally he/she screams so loud
wandering when that day will come
someone ask child what day
child responded waiting for superman
someone said superman, the man of steel, he doesn't exist
child stares outside aimlessly believing that day will come
all the classmates stared outside and then a lightning strikes a nerve more powerful than the hulk
all the students planned and marched down more heroic than superheroes
as time pass, an announcement was made that their school was being renovated faster than building the new yankee staduim
all that students needed was love, support, and resources
they stood up taller than shaq
they display more courage than the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz
they got all that was needed
it was thanks to superman, but he didn't wear a cape

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