Villian or Superhero

Most times my thoughts are simple

A small idea

They seem doable

But out of no where they grow rampant

Like a cells undergoing mitosis at a dangerous rate

Then doubt starts overtaking.

I thought the idea was simple like breathing

Now it's like i'm running a marathon

How can I keep from passing out

Was it ever really that simple

Did my mind deceive me?

I feel deceieved by my own device

I start to hate the hope it instilled in me.

I regret it. 

But I hold onto the possible outcomes

What ifs and possible endings

My mind won't let the idea die a quick and forgetable death


The mind sometimes know the capabilities that it is capable of

Even if you don't.

It is fustratng because you live in the moment.

But the mind lives for forever ,for the unthinkable, for the unearthly.

Let it help to create you, to mold you.  


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