To you I am just a guy,

A guy from whose cup you sipped bitterness,

With whom you shared a bed of loneliness.

From whose plate you ate pain,

To you I am just a guy,

Out of whose tongue deception oozes.


But to me I am a hero.

I gave you everything that you didn’t see,

For you were only too focused on your insecurities.

I dedicated my life to making you happy,

And all I got in return were endless slashes across the heart.


Now you call accusing me of moving on easily,

Claiming that it hasn’t been three months,

Since ending the tragedy that was you and I.


You dare say that I had been cheating on you all along,

With the woman that I am with now.


But no.

No I was not.

I wish I was, but I was not.


But do you know how I sleep so well at night?

How I moved on so easily?

Because she sees me.

To her I am a priority,

Not just something necessary.


While to you I was just a part of you,

While you had your big job,

Many friends,

Many nights out,

And me,

While to you I was something necessary,

Like an oxygen tank to a lung cancer patient,

Which they only drag around with them to stay alive,

To her I am the big job,

To her I am the many friends,

To her I am the many nights out,

To her I am the oxygen tank,

To her I am the entire bloody world.


So go ahead, think of me as the man who ruined your life.

Think of me as the reason for your tears.

I was always the answer to the “why are you crying?”

You were never happy,

Yet when we broke up your first reaction was,

“We were so happy together! How could you do this?”


I will gladly spend eternity being the villain in your story,

Being the reason why you hate men,

Being the reason why you trust no one.

Because at the end of the day darling,

I believe that I served my life up you in a platter,

I shared my entire world with you and then some,

And you were simply too selfish to see it.


I will gladly spend eternity In a world where you have nothing good to say about me,

For whose fault is it

That while I was busy sharing my goodness with you,

You were busy complaining about the sourness that came with it?

Whose fault is it,

That while I was busy crawling on all fours for your happiness,

You were busy crawling on all fours for his?

Whose fault is it,

That while I was busy waiting for you to get off the phone with another one of your friends,

You were busy sharing your time with them?


So go on and hate me,

Because I hated the world where you looked me in the eye,

And told me that you loved me.


Many a time you cried saying how good a man I was,

How you didn’t deserve me,

Many a time I looked you in the eye and told you you are wrong,

That you deserve every bit of me and more,

Darling I’m glad to announce that I lied.


I will gladly play the villain in your story.

I will wear your negativity towards me with pride,

Like a collar around a priest’s neck.

I will embrace your hatred for me,

Like a mother to a newborn,

Because baby, my eyes are open and I don’t see you.


I see her,

She who deserves my all because she actually has eyes for it.

It feels good, doesn’t it?

Being seen,

Being heard,

Being listened to,

Being appreciated?


I will live a long and happy life,

Despite being the villain in your story,

Because yours is a closed chapter.

And in my current chapter,

I am her Prince Charming,

My life is in her platter,

And oh baby, does she appreciate it!!!!

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