The Vicious Cycle

I love you

You're everything I needed my daddy to be 

I trust you, you emotionally hurt me 

I cling even harder , you physically hurt me 

I still have hope,can't let this go

Babe you're everything I needed my daddy to be 

I dont have him but I have you 

I need you to love me like I love you 

I'll give it all even if it's the last thing I do

I really can't be without you

Ironically you left me like he left me

It's like he's you and your him

Like in a way the pain is okay

It's okay as long as I have you 

Your hearts missing, but your body's always present 

Come and get what you need then your out the door again 

But what about this stick that displays 2 red lines

What about me? this is my fucking life 

Now I'm sitting at the kitchen table explaining your absence to our daughter.

Now I walk the streets telling every woman I meet 

Keep your head up and shoulders back 

Go to college and get a degree 

Love yourself first and the man of your dreams will kneel to one knee and beg you to be his queen !





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