For Us

This is....

For that little boy wondering why his parents never look at him with pride in their eyes.

For that little girl who when her parent begin to yell, she starts to cry.

For that kid who wonders if God can hear their prayers in the dead of night.

For the child who is nothing more than a servant in their family's sight.

This is....

For the teenage boy who can never catch a break.

For the 15 year old girl who puts her life on hold for everyone else's sake.

For that "nerd" in the back of the class who needs a scholarship.

 For that "freak" whose bruises come from more than just a bully's vise grip.

This is for all who everyday feel the painful sting of loneliness pierce their hearts.

The ones who have had their lives ruined before it had a chance to even start.

For that middle child who yearns for her mother screams of anger to quiet some day soon.

She wishes her parents saw in her , what everyone else claimed to see.

The forgotten child who wanted nothing more to be set free.

This is for all the struggling kids out there who feel exactly like me.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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