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40° 4' 10.9344" N, 75° 7' 31.2564" W

Peeling skin
Coats the walls
Of travesty
And love.

Chisel me away,
I beg you.
And don’t bother
Priming me again.

Pick away
My drywall ribs.
And leave me



Houses work as such great metaphors, and it works well here, too! I would like to know more about the window in the photo, though!

Spiral Poetry

I'd never realized, but you're so right! I actually use a house as a metaphor for another one of my poems, too, This Small House (also on here), now that I think about it.
As for the window, this is just an image on Google that I felt fit. I didn't want one with a window initially, and I'll probably change it when I find a better one. I suppose the window is a metaphor for a healthy, happy love and life, though.

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