One voice 

speaking out to the world 

I speak for the youth that are constantly being silenced 

Freedom to speak 

confused as violence 

my words, can be used as a form of protest 

to those who feel they are subject 

to biting their tongues 

I speak for those 

who get critized for their lifestyles 

judged for their clothes 

the misunderstood child who barely smiles 

I spit poetry in honor of you 

Let my poetry heal the wounds that cant visibly be seen 

the wounds that have come from being opressed 

my poetry tends to confess 

sorrows and happiness 

from neglect, to obstacles overcome

for every daughter, to every son

our revolution has begun 

the youth have picked up their pens 

and have written out their sins

left naked and nude 

we delibrately hand off our souls in gratitude

with each verb, metaphor, and similie 

i write for the inner rebel within me 

for the lesbian or gay student 

who is tortured verbally by the people around him/her

for loving another person who treats them with fair love 

I write for the physcially, and mentally abused 

for the person that is often refused their human rights 

the only form of freedom is when they write 

I write for all the young adults that's being told it's always their fault 

when something goes wrong 

to all the young people of the world, stay strong 

and hold on 

Continue to write, the future is bright 

as long as you make it through to the next day 

Poets throughout the world always find a way 

to speak up 


and give back to the people who dont have a pen and paper. 


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