I’m so gone.



There is a distant look in my eyes.

And I go further and further away every day.


I’m gone.

If I come back, that’s God’s will.

But for now, I’m gone and I don’t think I’m coming back.


Sometimes I’m gone mentally,

Sometimes I’m gone physically,

But I’m gone most of the time.


If you catch me sitting alone, I might look weird to you.

I could look lonely,

I could look depressed when in reality I’m far from it.

I never want to go back down that road.

I’m just gone.


You don’t know what I mean.

If you do, you’ve probably been as gone as I am at some point.


I want to come back.

I want to be present.

I don’t want that distant look in my eyes.


But for now, I will.

Not because I want to,

But because it has overcome my power.

When one is gone mentally you probably can’t bring them back.


I may sound crazy, though I’m not.

Nothing is wrong with me psychologically.

My mind is perfectly fine and intact.

I’m not disabled nor do I have a mental illness.

I’ve been back once…

But I’ve only returned to being gone.


If you only knew.

If you only knew my story instead of judging me,

You would know.

You would know that I’ve been gone for days.






This is very sad. :(


I've been there. Remember, you aren't alone. Even if you feel alone, talk to somebody. Then again, if you're really that gone, they'll notice. They noticed it in me. I wish you all the luck in the world, and I know, you aren't depressed, but be careful. 

Need to talk?

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