It seems all too familiar where I lay

with these tears I thought you prayed away,

but now I see that despite what you say

I'll never be anything more than a stray!


"Oh you're so brave!" - keeep spittin' that game

because I'm gonna continue to fight!


But I couldn't be more even if I tried, right?

because I apparently live for the times that I've cried

But what about all of the skanky times that you've lied?

Those memories just keep repeatin' so vividly inside of my mind

especially everytime I cringe at your dissaproving sigh!


Oh here they are just one more time..

Mommy! Don't leave me!

I swear I won't be mean!

It can be just you and me!

Please just think of that scene! 

But that was nothing more than a dirty ass dream

that I just needed to balance out with the following:

Where's daddy? He seems pretty crappy

because we can't be like all the other families...

But he can't be too shabby,

I mean you plus him equaled me!


Go on! I'm waiting for your reaction!

"Shh!!! It's a secret!"

Thats not a healthy form of protetion!

"Doctor! Doctor! I've decided to keep it!

This is too big of a collection for me to tell.

It was all a mistake and I think she might just be insane!"


When any shrink hears that statement

they're gonna raise my enslavement!

Well guess what?! I'm tired of your constant disappointment!

"Let's just schedule another appointment."


It's like there's an echo in here

as I lay next to you and spew out my fears

with these tears that are making everything so unclear

and when I gaze out the window I see my career

so far outta my reach, yet you say it's so near...


But do you see what I see through that reflection?

The new-and-better-me re-election is taking a turn

and thus begins the phase of rejection

and everyone knows you don't like it,

so here comes your fuckin' objection!


I watch you drinking your red wine

as you say "it's all gonna be fine"

and I really can hear you up in my mind,

but all I believe in is what coulda, woulda, shoulda been mine!


And you're a fuckin' swine, but go ahead!

Just sit there signin' off on these pills

when all I really want is a Piercing hug to make me still!

even if only for a moment, I'll pay you the fucking bill

if it silences my fucking need to fucking kill!


"Oh, there she goes again!

"I can't believe how she's been!"

Srew you! AND your stupid promises

sayin' you're there when I need you, but it's only every now and then!

"Don't throw a fit! Lets count to ten."

Fuck this bull shit

and you too, you sleazy snitch!

I'm sick of being everyone's bitch

so I guess thats it, you mother fuckin' twit!


I'm done with this proper life!

I'm goin' back on the midnight pipe n' knife!

and the next time I say I'll stop

don't believe me because I'm promisin' you now

it's nothin' but a flop!


Hahaha yeah, next time I lay there

you won't want me to share

because these thoughts ain't nothin' fair

So, I'm gonna do me from now on

And there ain't no sorry following, you fuckin' con.

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