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Hot vibrant flames roar in the smoke of an empty fireplace. It warms the ice chipped fingertips wrapped around a perfect pair of mittens.      In the palms, knitted thread binds the spaces.  Patterns.  Cheetah. Floral print. Colors. Stripes.
It seems all too familiar where I lay with these tears I thought you prayed away, but now I see that despite what you say I'll never be anything more than a stray!  
Unspoken words are grotesque                                                                                  
Before I end my sentence, Listen for once. Breathe through your heart, feel through eyes, and sing with an open mind.
I use words to tell the world my thoughts throughout my day, But the most important words are the ones that I didn`t say. Ususally, I am not very open about my feelings to another,
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