I do not live a life of luxury,

I do not lavish in gold,

I do not have memories

I just fantasize about the stories untold.


I would love to smile,

I would love to sing,

I would love to have happiness on my side.

For that I cannot do,

Because that is just another untold story too.


There are things I have,

There are things I need,

There are things I want,

For they are unnoticed without good deed..

And without it, a mended heart is just a broken heart that will bleed.


Some people I know are good,

some people are bad,

These are the times and memories..

These are the friends I never had.


There is no love in my heart,

There is no fear,

There is no sanity present..

But there is a god whose voice is very clear.


I end this without faith,

I say this without doubt,

I pray without hesitation..

I pray because I walk a god-given route.


So This is it,

The end of my song..

I have let out my fustrations,

I have let out my cries..

Because I know the differences between what is right and what I did wrong.

But also that this pain is where a broken past lies..



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