The Unlimited Lesson

the unlimited lesson


“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.”

-Audrey Hepburn-


Fade in: and the picture starts

to fill and reflect off my eyes, to make me blink. Inspiring me to

continue with my life like no other thing can. Reminding

my heart of loss and hurt and ache. Showing me that things

aren’t black and white. There is no good and evil.


There is redemption, and love for murderers, and hate for

perfection. There is support of families, support of strangers.

Removal from families. Removal from strange

situations. The spinning wheel and flickering light brings

its viewers through a life, wearing the shoes of another they


otherwise would not know. No object or concrete thing

can teach me the unlimited lessons that a movie holds in its script,

in its actors, in its film. In its whole. Inspiration seeds in and grows

from experience – and when experience is past

the horizon, it can be found in a shape made by pixels. Fantasy


can speak more to our own lives than our own lives are able to muster.

History can be learned through footsteps crackling

on the gravel of a warzone, a little girl dressed in red going to hide

from death. The most important life lessons are there

and stay with a person, even after the: cut to black.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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