Thu, 07/24/2014 - 10:24 -- mn21

I know I guy that likes to wear nice clothes and fix his hair.

He spends longer in the bathroom getting ready than his friends do.

Brushing his hair, clipping his nails

While his wait and joke about him because

According to some people, he’s gay.


I know another guy that is easily touched.

His grandmother died recently, and sometimes he sheds a tear.

He doesn’t want his dad to know, though

Because according to him, only girls do that.


We talk a lot about women because they’ve got it bad.

Society and the media are constantly formulating the gender model.

But guys are victims, too.

Always having to be someone they’re not

Just to escape the words that some use as insults.

We’re all constantly battling together

Going back and forth from our desires to theirs.

We were brought here by a Creator that didn’t give any meaning to ‘girl’ or ‘boy’

But somehow that’s what we’ve developed.

Stop assuming someone’s lifestyle.

Stop abusing someone’s feelings.

Because the person you see might not be who you think they are,

But if they were, is it your business?


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