Why dont you believe me, how do I tell you im sorry. Baby I love you , please dont go away. I dont want to have to say goodbye, never, not now, nor' another day. My heart leakes every time you ignore me, and my soul aches when when you yell, and spit in my face. Ive told you once before what she says isnt true, she knows wouldnt have lied if she really did love you. But no, not like me. I mean every word I say. So I will not give up until I get my way. We were meant for eachother, me and you. God sent me as a sign that it was meant to be, for us two, just you and me. If she says something, that catches you from inside, just remember my face when you say goodbye. I dont want you to not be happy, and to not live you life, but always remember me, and that every word she says it isnt right. So just think it through, and it winds up translating to all lies...


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