Unintentional Eavesdropping

Sometimes I come across words.

I never mean too,

It just happens.

I get curious,

I stay hidden,

I listen.


Sometimes these word are about me,

Other times about others.

These word are sacred to the talkers.

Those words never leave my ears.

But the words stay in my head,

I think about these words.


Sometimes they make me feel good.

Other times they bring me back down.

Even when the words are not about me.

I think about them,

I wonder.


They say,

“Don’t let what others say control you.”

Hard to do,

When your so fragile.

You can’t help it,

Its second nature

How can I stop,

When I do it so well.


This time the words were about someone else,

Not me.

Still, they stay in my head.

I think about them.

They make me sad,



Disappointed in myself.


Am I some joke?

Am I useless?

Are those who say those words about someone else,

Also say those words about me?

Am I a disappointment to those I hold dear?


Do I have worth?

Poetry Slam: 



Beautifully written. and delivered..


Thank you, it helps to write in the moment. Then the poem hold so much more meaning and emotion.

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