To Understand




No one can,

No one has tried,

No one is able,

To understand.


How can one understand?

Unless We explain,

Unless We share Our stories,

Unless We try to make a change.


Because I understand,

Because I know.

What it is like to live,

What it is like to grow.

To be judged on being different,

To be afraid to tell the truth.

But I will start the change.

For all those who understand.

I will tell my story and maybe you,

will understand.

If there was just one thing I could change

I would make everyone listen.




Feel the silence and


The life I live

The story I will tell

The truth behind every tear


Can you imagine?


Listen to me,

The fear I hold

I speak my mind

I won’t withhold

Drifting mists and daring dreams

Shadow chasing endlessly

Screams awaken behind the veil

It’s true this horrid tale


We hide from it.

We don’t understand.

We won’t admit who has the upper hand.

You look at me and you see,

But the girl I was wasn't me.


I see a cloaked figure with red burning eyes,

Watching me while I cry.

Rose’s thorns with encircling vines,

Slowly and silently encasing my mind.

If I fought would it run free,

The girl I was wasn’t me.

The sadness is deafening.

A song of wailing mourning.

I am lost

I am lost

Reach through the veil,

It appears.

A devil's


I do fear.

You must remember it’s a hallucination,

It’s in your mind,

Do not listen.


We hide from it.

We don’t understand.

We won’t admit who has the upper hand.


It’s the truth,

Yet I have prevailed.

But I will teach others,

That at first I failed.


Many years I fought inside,

Voices screaming,

Shadow threatening.

Many times I failed,

And I would hide.

But through my pain,

I learned to strive.


It does not define me,

But I must admit.

It has helped me become more,



The truth that hides behind my eyes.

The emotions that I feel inside.

I’m not the only one who knows,

How it feels to be thrown.

To not have grasp on your own mind,

To awaken and to not find.


This is why We cannot hide.

Why We must try to understand and thrive.

We must admit it is real,

And that We can have the upper hand and heal.

I am not the only one who has fought through this,

depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychosis


And I will say to all,

Just admit.

If you were in my shoes for just one minute,

You would wish too that others could understand.

To know that you aren’t alone,

That together We can stand.


These differences.

What some call disabilities.

Can make Us stronger.

Can make Us fighters.

Some will never know,

They will always keep their eyes


But maybe you can understand.



I am no different

From someone proclaimed sane.

I am no different,

From any other teen.

What makes me different,

Is that I understand.


Why We shouldn’t hide from it.

Why so many refuse to understand.

Why no one will admit the lies have the upper hand.



It doesn’t have to be this way.

And I will always say,

For anyone who listens,

Listens to my story.

My name is Delainey Fox.

I live with depression, anxiety, and


I am not a mental illness.

A mental illness is not me.

I am me.


If there was one thing I could change,

I would change how I am looked at.

Not just me but,


Who has suffered or lived with a mental illness.


If there was one thing I could change,

I would make people







Lynn Hyde


Strong words, good will, great poem!


Thank you I appreciate the compliment. I'm glad it is having a good affect. 


Your poem is very heart touching...

May be at  time when you wrote this poem,u were in so much pain..and now i am hoping  you are fine and feeling better ..

The pain which people gave you,made you the creator of such a beautifully written poem..u could dive deep into your sadness ..

 i think sometimes worst situations are also blessing in disguise..

keep writing more...


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