We all wake up everyday thinking of our future

We all get up and go to start our every day adventure.

Young moms get up tired from their babies crying all night

Going to school thinking everything is going to be all right.

Someones dad passed away couldn't be having a more unpleasant day

Wanting to have the class go their way.

Some of us get pushed to the side for not being very social.

Maybe teachers should think about that when wanting to be confidential.

It's not my fault that I am not so "special".

I know you're having a rough day

But you not understanding me makes me want to run away.

She got bullied on her way to school

And you just keep going talking about that so called molecule.

Ask me how my day is going but mean it

It will help me on not to quit

I assure you, you will see it.

All I want is for you to understand.









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