Under the Milky Way

Under the Milky way

lies a small freshman

wondering at the wonder

expressed by her fellows.


It pleases me

to stay up an hour 

explain quark-gluon plasma

rather than go down

and drink from red sol-


That's what it's about though

isn't it?

My soul is blue:

cool, comforting, 

but burning hotter than any red


I have to drink from the red souls,

to consume their enthusiam and joy,

and it makes me happy to show

off my light to them too.


But under the Milky way I lie,

wondering what awaits me,

wondering where else I could be,

wondering who I'll be.


And all I can say is, I belong to something bigger.

Possibilities stretch before me, 

numbering as the stars.

And I smile, knowing I could do

whatever I please,

following the attractions and winds

I feel most strongly.


And this place wants to help me find my way.




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