An Unchangeable Image (The results of a lack of forgiveness)


"You cant change who you've become"

This phrase doesn't apply to you literarlly but figurativley its who you've made your self known to others

That DOESN'T mean you cant change yourself for the better...or for the worst

but this statement was forged from the curse of unforgiveness within the people of this world at its worst

Grudges are held and ideas stick like smudges in our minds

Our stains cant be contained but only endlessly remain as we try

And can we beat it? Thats not a question to be asked

If so then we are concieted how can we stop a seemingly unstoppable task?

Because that task is like lies, they have no good intention with in

To seek and destroy, decieve is there plan to employ on our closest family and friends

You realize its a poision but it has been from the begginning 

Just like sinning relates to God the lies annoint your life with evil unfitting

It is a poison and its flowing through your bodliy veins

You lose all control over the reigns of your life and put it in the hands of others as a supporting cane

Its a never ending cycle, you will always hate your rival

and you'll always think the same things you've thought about the titles you've got

Changing your thats tough at its toughest

Because in the eyes of others your still you at your roughest




thats tight man

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