this is what depression feels like

or something else.


My head is spinning and is thinking about things other than this world,

And my heart leaps out of my chest from anything that will try to bring me back to earth.

I’m thinking about other lives

And magazine cut outs to fit in my scrapbook.

Perfect candid moments

Fleeting pictures

I wish i could go anywhere i wanted in time and change bodies when i wanna.

I dont like the one that i’m in right now, im not too fond of it.

Sometimes i dont mind it, but a second ago i was wishing i was him

with all the girls.

I dont want to be here anymore.

I want everything. A different song in my head.

I never want to sleep i wish i could stay up forever and not waste another minute of my life i wish every second didn’t feel like another waste of my time.

I should be able to do what makes me feel good without feeling bad about it.

Good things should make you feel good and bad things should make you feel bad.

Things should be more black and white like that.

Things shouldn’t be so damn fucking complicated but they are.

And people take it as the meaning of life when it’s just a punishment for something they did in their previous life-

Take it and make the most of it so you’ll get something better in the wheel of reincarnation.

I think i did alright in my last life.

I think i have to struggle to reach my full potential.

I think i’m meant for greatness but I wish i could just skip to that part and pass the boring prologue full of useless information.

Then i can die at 40 and get this over with.  


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Our world


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