Two of a Kind

Would it mean the same in words

If I took your hand in mine?

To glance across your sleeping face

Or rest my head, benign?

When we say, “I love you.”

What forces make it so?

The questions that we ask each other?

The answers, yet unknown?

The way I hold you as you cry,

The way you calm my nerve?

The ways you make my heart grow soft?

The purpose that they serve?

The world says men are strong and harsh;

Like metal under rain

The outside, cold, yields no effect

And causes you no pain

But I have seen the better, dear;

And know you like my name

And when we cry, both you and I

Can crumble without shame

As for women, just like me

I think the adage goes:

“Women should be seen, not heard.”

Nor advocate her woes

But common tropes mean not to you!

You prop me so with pride

You introduce me to your friends

And never have you lied

On trust we build foundations

On affection we rely

With a dash of patience

And fidelity refined

I’ll savor every feature

Of your perfect little quirks

Your passions and your weaknesses

Your fears and where they lurk

So when you say, “I love you.”

I know just what it means

Not fancy gifts, or nightly trips,

To Tavern on the Green

I love you as my partner

My equal through and through

Stay or not, do as you please

Because I love you

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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