Two Answers

How am I, you ask?

How's college?

[You pestering aunt,

You family aquaintance

I would rather stare at a wall than make casual conversation]


There are two answers here

The first is the one that everyone gives

And the second is the honest one. 

I have a question for you...

Which do you prefer?

Most people want the polite answer

They don't really care

They just want to make coversation over stuffed turkey

Well, college is good. 

Well, college sucks. 

 I have lots of friends

I never see my friends, I'm always buried beneath books

The food is inventive

The food only tastes of sorrow

Homework is difficult, but worth it

I want to become a blanket burito instead of doing homework

Classes are good

My fingernails have to drag my tired body to my 8AMs

I love being on my own

Litearlly all I want to do is not have to pay bills

Yeah it's great

I must take a nap now, I have exhausted myself. 




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