I was never fond of family reunions
and recently a not-so-close relative
came up to me and said
“So many twentysomethings are dropping out.
Where do you want to be in 10 years?
You better make us proud.”
and I’m left wondering
Why did you choose to care now?
Because first of all,
What I do is none of your business
and my accomplishments were
something you had nothing to do with

But let me tell you about being twentysomething

I come from a generation
so hip, only we seem to know why we’re cool
And we’ve spent over half our lives
hoping we’d get selected from an applicant pool

San Francisco to New York and back
I’ve seen it all as a frequent flyer
It’s students vs. tuition
Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s higher
I swear I spend more time
thinking about money than my education
Which leaves me wondering
if I’ll ever make it to graduation.

But that’s okay right?
We say “You only live once.”
So let’s live life at the end of a string
but I often wonder if I died right now
would I be worth remembering?

There’s over 40 million of us
Yet sometimes I feel so alone
To the point where
I’d rather take the sticks and stones
Because at least broken bones will heal
And it gets real dark
when you encase your heart in steel
I still haven’t decided if love is worth my time

but then again
I have more important things on my mind.

Your generation looks at us
and says “Kids these days”
Forgetting that at twentysomething
you were the ones who paved the way
But it’s our turn now.

We’re young
but our dreams never looked so real
So bring the pain, the laughter,

and the tears
Who knows if we’ll fail
At least we’re not afraid to fall
Fighting for something better
and beyond these four walls
We’ve come from nothing
but we’ll leave behind a legacy
and I’d rather die
than let your approval of my life get the best of me

So when you ask
“Where do you want to be in ten years?”
I’ll just smile and say
“Right here.”



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