Tumblr- A Mysterious Dimension

    I went on the Internet to find Tumblr,

   I swear I've heard of this from somewhere.

   I surfed through blogs 'n posts,

  nothing about Space Ghost.


  All I just found was:

  ships of characters of totally different species,

  an OC bathing on feces.

  A liberal rant that went into a social justice riot.

  Just seeing this blogs make me pant!


  But there's more:

  I saw a picture of four fat characters rolling in the hay,

  a person who sexually identifies as a molten pansexual oil bay,

  anti-Republican propaganda with Hanna Montana,

  and abbreviations to make-believe genders.



  I turned off my phone.

  Hoping to be all alone.

  Away from this madness

This poem is about: 
Our world


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